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Application and formal guidelines

Please, check on the links below, where you will find information about application, and formal guidelines for writing Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses at the Chair of Innovation & Creativity. 

  • Application: If you want to write your Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis at the Chair of Innovation & Creativity, you should be interested in research topics such as consumer behavior and psychology, physical and financial well-being, branding, or innovation and creativity. We expect that you are also familiar with empirical research and quantitative data analysis. These criteria are checked within our application process.
  • Guidelines: Your Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis should fulfill specific requirements of academic work. We suggest you to thoroughly read the guidelines for writing your Thesis at our chair.
  • Consultations: When writing your Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis you are required to report your work progress to your supervisor. You can find detailed information about consultations in this section and in Guidelines.

If you require further information about your thesis, please contact