1472-1800: University Ingolstadt
Hohe Schule Ingolstadt
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The first Bavarian university is established in the “Hohe Schule” in Ingolstadt in the year 1472. At times, there are more than 1.000 students matriculated before it is moved to Landshut in 1800 and subsequently to Munich in 1826, where it still remains as the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.


1989: First Teaching at WFI

The WFI is inaugurated with an official ceremony and a pontificate service. At the same time, lectures begin at the newly established faculty of the Catholic University of Eichstätt. Apart from the planned practical orientation of the business studies, the mandatory introduction of a commercial language and a compulsory subject in business and cooperate ethics were above all the main elements that created a unique character for the studies at the new faculty.

Development of the WFI in the 1990s

For the first time there are more than 500 students matriculated at the WFI in 1993. The positive reception confirms the decision to expand the faculty. The extension of the campus by a new complex is celebrated in September 1995 with a topping out ceremony.

Within the framework of further developments, the WFI establishes the first professorship in service management in all of Germany. With the implementation of an independent selection procedure for applicants the WFI turns away from the assignment procedure of the "ZVS".

In the 2000s: Expansion and reorganization of study programs

The postgraduate study “Business Administration” with the degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) is established in October 2001.

Following the introduction of the first diploma degree program in auditing in Germany in 2003, the restructuring to Bachelor’s (2005) and Master’s (2008) study programs (following the Bologna reform) proceeds in subsequent years.

In cooperation with the Tongji University (Shanghai) the bachelor program “International Business Administration” (German-Chinese double degree) is initiated in the year of 2007.

The range of courses is expanded by the start of the Master course specialisation “International Business Administration” in collaboration with the ESC Toulouse (German-French double degree) in fall 2009.

Student organisations shape the current appearance of the WFI

In June 2002 the premiere of the Summer Challenge takes place which is the largest sport recruiting event organized by students all over Europe.

In the year of 2007 the Consulting Cup celebrates its premiere, which is also organized entirely by students and furthermore has developed into the largest case study competition in the German-speaking regions.

Since 2011 the faculty is pleased to host the “WFI Dialogue on Sustainability”, which is the largest student sustainability conference in the German-speaking world.