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Theology of the Christian East represents a counterpoint to Western-infuenced theology: It takes a look at the history of Byzantine and Oriental Orthodox, as well as Eastern Catholic Churches in all their diversity, thereby opening up theological, as well as spiritual perspectives in all their multifacetedness. The Prince Max of Saxony Endowed Chair forms a part of the department for historical theology, and is generally dedicated to the entire field of theology of Eastern Churches, with a focus on the history of church, liturgy, and theology. In contrast to the “Forschungsstelle Christlicher Orient” (Research Centre for the Christian Orient), its focus is on the Byzantine tradition.

The chair aims to show that a study of theology and spirituality of the Eastern Churches can offer a contemporary answer to today’s questions, and that a fruitful encounter between Eastern and Western theology is possible, especially within the context of ecumenism. Inter-denominational networking and cooperation with other academic institutions are specifically sought and pursued.


Winter term 2022/23