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Welcome to the University Library of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt
Information about the Library

The University Library of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt is a central institution of the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt. It is maintained by the "Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt Foundation", a Church foundation in the public domain. The University Library not only provides for the literature and informational needs of the academic community, but is also open to all citizens, as well as for the use of trade, handicraft and industrial company authorities.

The Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt is one of the youngest German universities. It was created in 1972 as a comprehensive university (Gesamthochschule) by the Church and was raised to the status of Catholic University in 1980. The University Library was founded in 1972 from the libraries of the Philosophical-Theological University, first created in 1564 and reestablished in 1843, and the library of the Teachers Training College (Paedagogische Hochschule) which was established in 1958. Since 1982 the University Library has administered the Eichstaett State Library, founded when the Bishopric Library of Eichstaett was secularized at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and the Catholic Seminary Library, which has existed since the middle of the eighteenth century. These libraries contain an extensive stock of old books, prints and manuscripts. In addition, the University Library has acquired a few smaller libraries; it oversees several publishing house archives and many bequests. Furthermore, the Library of the Historical Association of Eichstaett (Historischer Verein) is on loan to the University Library.

The University Library is spatially distributed over several buildings in Eichstaett. In addition, the Branch Library of Economics is located in Ingolstadt (Auf der Schanz 49, 85049 Ingolstadt).

Completed in 1987, the Central Library building, an architecturally admired design of Professor Guenter Behnisch from Stuttgart, accommodates the central loan department, the bibliographic information center, library administration, photographic services, the reading room for some of the humanities departments (history, political science, linguistics, general literature, classical philology, English and American language and literature, Romance languages and literature, Slavic languages and literature and Germanic languages and literature) as well as it contains literature of the region of Eichstaett and the central book stack which at present contains around 1,200,000 units.

The Ulmer Hof (Pater Philipp Jeningen Platz 6), redesigned by Professor Karljosef Schattner in 1980, contains the Departmental Library 1 with the reading room for theology, philosophy and musicology.

The reading room for the social and life sciences as well as the journalism department is located in the Departmental Library 2 (Ostenstr. 1). This building, which was redesigned in 1997 by the architect Karl Frey, was the former Prince-Bishop riding school, and later served as the Aula of the Humanistic Gymnasium.

The Department of Manuscripts, Departmental Library 3, Staats- und Seminarbibliothek (Hofgarten 1), was designed by Professor Karljosef Schattner in 1965. It houses the manuscripts, incunabula, old prints (until 1800), the graphic collection, historical sound recordings (beginning form approximately 1890), as well as the ancient map collection of the University Library. In addition, archaeology and art history collections are freely accessible here.

Stock and Use
The total holdings of the University Library, including the libraries in Ingolstadt, at present, amount to around 1,9 million units. About 3,300 periodical subscriptions are held, about 16,000 journals are accessable online.  The old stock contains 6,135 manuscripts, among them many music manuscripts, as well as over 1,200 incunabula. About half of the total holdings are freely accessible to the user in the reading rooms.

The lending of the machine-readable registered stocks is made by the OPAC (Online public access cataloge). In this electronic catalogue, the user can determine the location and the lending status of the books and media desired and place orders for books in the central book stack. Users can also reserve books which are currently in use and extend the lending period of their borrowed books. Printed catalogs are available for the manuscript and the incunabula collections and for some special collections.
Literature which is not available in the University Library can be ordered by the Service of the interlibrary loan.

The University Library offers a selection of important databases to its users. The databases - indexed in the DBIS (Database-Information-System) - are accessible over the Terminals in the reading rooms and the whole University Campus. AV media can be used in special cubicles in the Central Library and Departmental Libraries, as well as in the Branch Library in Ingolstadt. Multimedia PCs are available in the Central Library, in the "Ulmer Hof" (Departmental Library 1), in the "Aula" (Departmental Library 2) buildings and in the Branch Library of Economics in Ingolstadt. Access to the internet and consequently to the E-Journals is available to library users. Microform readers are located in the Central Library, and the Departmental Libraries, as well as in the Branch Library in Ingolstadt. The photographic service in the Central Library offers an extensive spectrum of photographic services.

Introductions in library usage and training in library resources and web searching will be held regulary.