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Department Business Administration

Welcome to the Department of Business Administration. In addition to the Chairs of Business Administration, you will find the Chair of Innovation and Creativity, the Tourism/Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Junior Professorship for Operations Management.


Business Administration

BA, Distribution Management and Marketing (Prof. Büschken)

BA and Business Taxation (Prof. Koch)

BA, Management Accounting and Auditing (Prof. Göttsche)

BA and Service Management (Prof. Hogreve)

BA, Finance and Banking (Prof. Mählmann)

BA and International Management (Prof. Gelbrich)

BA, Organisation and Human Resources (Prof. Ringlstetter)

BA, Supply Chain Management & Operations (Prof. Kuhn)

BA and Management Accounting (Prof. Burger)

BA and Business Informatics (Prof. Setzer)

BA, Innovation and Creativity (Prof. Matta)

Tourism / Center for Entrepreneurship (Prof. Pechlaner)

Prof. Dr. Pechlaner
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Assistant Professorship for Digital Finance (Prof. Streich)

Assistant Professorship of Digital Marketing (Prof. Ruhnau)

Assistant Professorship of Operations Management (Prof. Fontaine)

Prof. Dr. Fontaine
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